My Boards

Flatland Skimboard
DB streamline

DB Streamline, medium size: DB Skimboards makes wooden skimboards for flatland use. Maple and high-pressure laminate (HPL) make this board heavy, but incredibly tough. A foam traction pad comes standards and provides a comfortable platform for your feet.

I like to use this board on flat coastal beaches as well as lakes, rivers, and tide pools. The square shape offers a stable, bidirectional platform and makes it relatively easy to maneuver on flat water. However it takes some extra effort to pop and can be difficult to keep control in the air. I like to use small waves to help get the board up and out of the water.

Flatland boards like this are a smart buy for most people. They can be used almost anywhere and are virtually impossible to destroy. I bought this board back in 2011 and despite 6+ seasons of regular use, it still rides like new.

Ocean Skimboard
Exile Blair Pro

Exile Blair Conklin Pro Model (Hybrid shape, medium size, competition weight, standard rocker): The Blair Pro is designed for use on ocean beaches and wave riding. This board is a composite design made from carbon fiber and high-density foam. It is an incredibly strong yet lightweight design. The traction pad and arch bar are not included with the board and wax needs to be applied to the rest of the deck.

I purchased this board in 2016 to use on the beaches of Southern California. The Blair Pro has twice the surface area and half the weight of the wooden skimboard that i grew up with. It is faster and slides further than any other board I’ve ever used. I occasionally use this board on flat water, but it’s much more fun to ride in a heavy shore break on beaches like Aliso.

I love my Blair Pro but there are a few drawbacks for me. Getting on this board requires a 1-step drop, not the throw-and-chase method that flatland riders are used to. This is an awkward movement at first and it took me a few weeks of steady practice to become comfortable. Also rocks and rails are a big no-no. Composite boards are basically made from glass and are sensitive to sharp impacts. Skim wisely.


Two Skimboards

Exile Blair Pro                                           DB Streamline

Carbon Fiber, High Density Foam                  Material                  Maple, High Pressure Laminate

  52 Inches                       Length                    40.5 inches

 20.25 Inches                    Width                     18.5 Inches

0.625 Inches                    Thickness               0.25 Inches

3.6 lbs                       Weight                  7.2 lbs