Sunday in Small Town America

After a few days last week in the heart of Chicago, Sarah and I made the quick hop across the boarder into northern Indiana. The roadside welcome sign at the Indiana state boarder describes this region as “The Crossroads of America” and it sure felt like it. Miles of cornfields mix with industrial cities and small towns, all within a couple hours of one another. Every corner of the country seemed to be represented somewhere out here.

On Sunday we didn’t have any destination in mind and decided to ditch the highway and take the back roads across the state. Its a good way to enjoy a relaxing day while still making Eastward progress. Before hitting the road I made sure to get my camera ready to document this little slice of America.

Indiana Dunes

Indiana Dunes Beach
Indiana Dunes State Park is one of the few spots on the Great Lakes where sandy beaches form naturally. This was a heavy surf day on Lake Michigan and swimming was off limits.


Indiana Dunes State Park
Sarah on her way down one of the namesake dunes. Some of the dunes are over 100 feet tall and hiking uphill is murder on the legs!

Plymouth, Indiana

Downtown Plymouth Indiana
Downtown Plymouth, Indiana on a Sunday afternoon in mid-summer. Just about everything was closed and parking spots weren’t hard to come by. You won’t find that in California.


Plymouth Indiana Firehouse
Historic Firehouse in Plymouth, Indiana. This building went up in 1875, shortly after the towns founding.


Marshall County Courthouse
Plymouth has a handful of building on the National Registry of Historic Places. This courthouse, built in the 1870s, is one of them.

Warsaw, Indiana

Grain Silo
This structure looked to be some sort of grain storage facility. I’m not sure about that, but there were several of them throughout the countryside.


Tractor graveyard
Coming into Warsaw, Indiana I saw what looked like a junkyard on the side of the road. When I pulled in it turned out to be dozens of old tractors and pieces of farm equipment. There was no one around (Sundays seem to be universally quiet around here) so I got out to take a few pictures.


Ice Cream
The day ended at a hole-in-the-wall ice cream shoppe. One sundae was enough for the both of us.


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  1. Great that you veered off the highway and travelled the back roads. That’s always an adventure and you found some neat photo ops. Love reading this blog and always look forward to the next installment! Can’t wait to see you soon!❤️

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