The Idea Behind Skim Travels

Flatland Skimboard

For the past 4 weeks Sarah and I have been traveling up through California. Along the way I’ve been busy working out the details of the this blog, looking for inspiration, and generally finding my creative voice. I wanted to take a minute to explain where the idea for Skim travels came from.

When I decided to start a travel blog I didn’t want it to be simply a diary-style recap of the places I’ve visited. Blogging has been around for a while now and today there are thousands of bloggers using that formula.

The bloggers and content creators that are most interesting to me usually fill a unique niche or have something that differentiates them from everyone else. With that in mind I started looking for what I could do that no one else was doing. The answer I came up with was travel + skimboarding, which I shortened to Skimtravels.

Skimboarding and Travel

Skimboarding on the road seemed doubly doable since I had experience riding both flatland and ocean skimboards. With experience in both disciplines, I could basically skim anywhere with water. In places like the Pacific Northwest I could use my flatland board, and then switch to my composite deck whenever I found waves again.

This past month has been super busy and I haven’t been able to skim quite as much as I’d like. However before leaving for this trip I put together a short skim edit at with my friend Sam Rodriguez at Oceanside Harbor Beach. Boards in here are my 2 regulars, a DB Streamline and an Exile Blair Pro. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Idea Behind Skim Travels

  1. Great video! You have come a long way from the sandbars of GHB! When searching for employment, after the cash runs out, I think you should consider working in the board industry. You are a natural and if I did not know you were New England born and raised, I would dub you a Cali boy!

    1. Thanks Aunt Laurie! I’m still not sure where I’ll be drawing a paycheck from after this is over, but I’ll always hang onto the skimboards!

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