Countdown to D-Day

Matt Liggio and Sarah Jabro Panama Canal

It is May 26, and in exactly 4 days Sarah and I are set to begin our road trip!

Needless to say, I am thrilled. For the next several months we are going to be circumnavigating the US in our homemade camper van. This is a trip that we have planned long and carefully for, and now that the start day is almost here I can hardly get to sleep at night!

Where are you going?

I’ve been asked this a lot lately, and honestly I don’t really know. Sarah and I are going to spend the summer driving up the Pacific Coast and then cross the northern half of the US. We’ll spend some time with my family in Connecticut at the end of summer and then make the drive down south and then West back to California later this year.

Thats the plan anyways.

I can say with a little more certainty what our first month is going to look like though. After Memorial Day we’re off to Joshua Tree National Park for a couple of days. Joshua Tree is about 2 hours east of LA in the Mojave Desert and its one of my favorite places in Southern California. Parts of the park look like a moonscape.

Yucca Tree
Joshua trees are weird!


Solvang is a tiny town up in Santa Barbara county. Its an hour and a half north of LA and slightly inland.  We will be staying with Sarah’s mom for a week or so while doing day trips in the surrounding areas. Solvang is close to several beaches and towns along the Central Coast that I wan tot check out.

Staying in Solvang will also give us a ‘home base’ to work from while we adjust to life in our van. We leave in 4 days and I still haven’t finished building in the van! Needless to to say I don’t expect the transition to be perfectly smooth.

Pre trip packing
Actually, a lot of thought and planning went into this

Northern California

We will leave Solvang for good around June 9 and spend the rest of the month in northern California. I haven’t spend much time in this area, so I am looking forward to getting to see more of it. Yosemite NP is going to be our first backcountry camping destination. California received a ton of snow over the past winter, so it should be a unique time to visit.

Yosemite Valley
Yosemite is mind-blowing to see up close

We’ll also be going to the Bay Area and a few other spots in the far northern part of California. What happens after that? You’ll have to check back in a month or so.

Follow Along

I’ll be doing my best to update this site as regularly as possible. I’m sure there will be days with no internet but I want to share as much of this experience as I can. Thanks for reading!




8 thoughts on “Countdown to D-Day

  1. So happy yo be along for the virtual “ride”. expect to see a lot, learn a lot and just enjoy your trip!

    1. Aunt Laurie,

      Glad I have you and Uncle K to keep me motivated! I’ve got some off-the-beaten-path destinations that I’m looking at, so I’m just as excited to learn and share with everyone. I’ll have more updates soon!

  2. Love you guys very much! Incredibly proud of you! Really enjoying reading your words, Matt! Thank you for sharing! I am already inspired💜

    1. Thanks Serena!

      I’m really excited to share our trip with you and everyone else. Thanks for stopping by last weekend, it was great to see you and Seany!

    1. Tom,

      We’ll get you in there! I’ll be putting together a Yosemite post very soon. Thanks for everything this week, I had a great couple of nights at Wawona with you and Sue!

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