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Welcome to SkimTravels! I started this website after I decided to get a van and take a travel year. I wanted a place where I could share my experiences with family, friends, and whoever else may be interested. I figured that if I was going put together a van and plan a once-in-a-lifetime road trip, I may as well share.

I quickly found out that, while do-able, there was a tremendous amount of work and planning that had to be done to start a van life.  So I also wanted a way to offer insight and tips for other people who might be doing the same thing.

The TripMatt Liggio and Sarah Jabro Panama Canal

Starting on June 1 I’m going to be on the road full time with my girlfriend, Sarah. After that you can check the blog for regular updates on our travels and adventures. Check it out!

The Van

2000 Ford Econoline Van

You can have a look at our VAN and all the work that went into making it a (mostly) comfortable home on wheels.

SkimboardingSkimboarding Waves Laguna Beach

And finally you can go here for the skimboarding content. Skimboarding is a lifelong passion of mine and a big part of the motivation for this trip. Along the way I’ll always be looking for new beaches to skim.